This site is dedicated to FC-Jungle group, which was exist in 1995-1998 years. There was a moment when we thinked that all materials was lost, but by the happy accident I found CD with 14 tracks, 15th track was on my HDD.. So, we decided to make this little site dedicated to 8-bit computer music from 90th, with our own tracks :) All began in 1995, there was my lovely Amiga-600HD near with audio-sampler and other great things, and Speccy childhood was very great - coding in ASM and MFX (more than 200 tracks in Spectrum Protracker), so, we found ProTracker on Amiga too.. All that you can hear at this site is the result of co-working of two peoples, as we can call now, 8-Bit Music nostalgy.. ;) It was a lot of nights without sleep, a lot of beer, etc.. We can call us "group" coz we presented some concerts, we was at local TV, there was a lot of music friends and a lot of drinked beer, seas of beer.. Btw, I can't find videos from those times, possibly I'll do this and it will be the great moment to make some updates at this site :) About our concerts - that was the great shows with a lot of people who liked our music.. Our age was less than 20.. Some times it was Amiga on the scene, live electro-guitar, synthesizer and live sound on the fly, some times it was just CD-disc and very drunk people around and anywhere.. ;) Some words about tracks. All tracks recorded in mono - just coz of some technical troubles in late 90.. So, let's call all these like demo-tracks for easy listening and nostalgy (we like them too). It is not possible to remember all track's names.. But I'll describe some: Track-2 - it was called "This one is dedicated to all the ravers in the nation!..". Track-3 - it was proudly called Feuer!" - that means "Fire!" - can't remember why.. :) Track-4 - it was called "Push It". Track-9 - "Da Reggae" - our variations on perferct music from "Cannon Fodder" ;) Track-10 - "Wild". Track-11 - this track was written specially for Stels project (our friends), and this is just music layer for live vocal - it is the hard cover of "Diva's Aria from 5th Element Motion Picture". There no any live records with live vocal, but it was really great.. So, we can listen now only the music and try to imagine how perfect it was with live vocal. Track-13 - can't remember the name of this track, as I remember now, it was hard-rock compisition where we used a bit of samples from Amiga game Apidya. Track-15 - It's a "Pink Panther remix!! Most of samples we used was digitized ourselves, somewhere we used samples from different Amiga music tracks. Somewhere you can hear our voices and voices of our friends.. ;) Tech info: - Amiga-600HD, HDD Seagate Medalist 1.7GB, 2MB Chip RAM, 8MB Fast Ram, 3.0 KickStart. - Electronica MS-6106 color monitor. - some stereo-sampler, can't remember how it was called. - a lot of other stuff, wires, microphones, computer bags, electro-guitars, drum machines, grand-pianos, synthesizers, a lot of beer, vodka, etc. - ZX Spectrum Scorpion ZS-512 as the main motivation from childhood. - some kind ofPentium-II, it was used in this project once - to digitize all these tracks and to write them to CD that I've just found! - from software I can remember onlyProTracker, but I think that there was a lor of different software too.. - maybe something else.. :) About this site. Designed by Do Webdesign studio. MP3 flash player by Aeotica studio, thanks for this great product. Texts and idea - Cooper. You can hear our tracks online at this site or save them in MP3 format by clicking to the specific icons near the Playlist lines. If you'll use these tracks in your works or at your site - please keep our Copyright and link to this site. If you want to exchange banners or simple text-links with us - please use this banner (do not hotlink it, save to your server):
FC Jungle Memories..
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